Vulcan-5R 5-100MW Load Bank System Rental

Vulcan-5R Ultra Large Load Bank Rental Systems

Very large capacity, portable Load Bank System consisting of multiple units, each rated 5.0MW, capable of parallel operation to form very large systems of up to virtually unlimited capacity. Medium voltage to 34.5kV. PLC-based digital control. Each load bank trailer equipped with digital control system and local operator interface. Each trailer networked such that entire trailer can be controlled from a single station. Any system of paralleled trailers can be controlled from a single station, either at one trailer or at a remote station.


Low Voltage Load Bank Module: Total Capacity: 5.0MW, 1.0 power factor
Voltage: 480vAC, 3-phase, 3-wire (from transformer)
Frequency: 60 Hertz
Load steps: 50KW step resolution
Transformer Module: 5.0 MVA, dry type
Medium voltage delta: 480Y/277vAC, 60 hertz
Medium voltage, 1200A, 3-pole, manually operable, fixed mounted, fusible disconnect
Fused low voltage outputs
Trailer: Highway semi-trailer, “low-boy”, tri-axle, 48-foot
Control: Digital controller for standalone or multi-unit paralleled operation from a single control station
Networkable: Yes
Outdoor Suitable: Yes