Solar-5R Container Load Bank Rental

Solar-5R Container Load Bank RentalThe Simplex Solar-5 is a very large capacity, resistive/inductive portable load bank capable of 0.8 power factor loads to 5.0MVA (4.0MW, 3.0MVAR). The Solar-5 is designed for low voltage application to 690vAC. PLC based digital load control with touchscreen operator interface is standard. The unit is network capable with other Solar Load Banks as well as most standard Simplex Load Banks in order to form large, ultra high capacity systems which can be controlled from a single operator interface with totalized data acquisition.


Load Type: Resistive/Inductive
Capacity: 5.0MVA 0.8 power factor, 4.0MW resistive, 3.0MVAR inductive
Voltages: Low voltage to 690vAC
Frequency: 50, 60 Hz
Load Steps: 5KW / 3.75KVAR digital load step resolution
Load Connection: Plated copper bus bar for bolt-on cable connections, behind hinged door and Cam-Lock style plug-in connectors, bulkhead mounted behind hinged door. 400A, 4/0 connectors.
Load Control: Digital touch-screen, movable via cable tether.
Cooling Airflow: Vertical, Approx 75,000 cfm
Control Power: Selectable internal or external. External power requirements: 3 x 15HP cooling fan motors Control power load: 10.0 KVA
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Portability: Fork lift channels, lift eyes, trailer mountable
Enclosure: Purpose-built, container style steel enclosure with ISO 20’ container dimensions, corner locking pins. Outdoor weatherproof. Painted dark grey polyurethane over epoxy primer.
Dimensions: 240″W x 100″H x 96″D
Networkable: Yes
Outdoor Suitable: Yes