Saturn R 3200/2720KW Load Bank Rental

Saturn R 3200/2720KW Resistive Load Bank Rental
The Simplex Saturn R is an ultra-high capacity (3200KW) load bank suitable for testing generators or electric dynamometer testing of large engines and turbines.The Saturn is a single or dual voltage Load Bank suitable for all common 50-60 hertz 480-600v voltages.


Load Type: Resistive
Capacity: 3200/2720KW
Power Factor: 1.0
Voltages: 480/600V
Frequency: 50, 60 Hz
Load Steps: 25 KW resolution (25-25-50-100-100-250… KW)
Load Connection: Cam-Type, 3-wire plus ground
Load Control: Digital touch-screen
Cooling Airflow: Vertical, 60,000 CFM
Fan/Control Power: External or internal from load bus. Control circuits at 120V via transformer. The cooling fan operates at 3-phase line voltage. Load control circuits and fan motor control operate at 120V.
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Portability: Fork lift channels, trailerable
Weight: 7,400 lbs
Dimensions: 115″D x 72″W x 116″H
Networkable: Yes
Outdoor Suitable: Yes