Nautilus R 250KW Water-Cooled Load Bank Rental

250KW Water-Cooled Resistive Load Bank Rental
The Simplex Nautilus R 250KW water-cooled resistive load bank rental is a water-cooled load bank designed expressly for data-center chiller commissioning and testing applications. The Nautilus R is a compact, portable product featuring infinite power and water flow control for precise temperature rise setting versus applied power. The Nautilus R is fully networkable for control of single or multiple units from a remote station.


Load Type: Resistive
Capacity: 250KW
Power Factor: 1.0
Voltages: 480VAC
Frequency: 60 Hz
Load Steps: Infinitely variable via digital control
Load Connection: Cam-Type
Load Control: Digital Controller
Cooling: Fresh water, Nominal 125 GPM supply yields approx. 12.5 degrees F rise at full power, Flow rate is infinitely variable to a max temp rise not to exceed 180 degrees F outlet
Control Power: External, via power inlet and power cord to 120v 15A outlet
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Portability: Casters
Weight: Approximately 1600 lbs full of water, 900 lbs dry
Dimensions: 24″W x 72″H x 36″D
Networkable: Yes
Outdoor Suitable: No