Load Ranger-R 3000KW Load Bank Rental

Load Ranger 3000KW Resistive Load Bank RentalThe Simplex Load Ranger-R is a very large capacity and fully portable load bank system. It is intended for field use in testing, maintenance and performance proving of generating systems. The SOS Rental Center can configure operation at 480v or 600v. At a 3000kw rating, the Load Ranger-R is typically used to test large diesel generators, turbines, paralleled generators and shipboard generators. Combine the Resistive Load Ranger-R with the Inductive Load Ranger-IR for 0.8 power factor testing. Load Rangers represent the ultimate technology in large generator load testing performance. They can be digitally networked or to any large SOS Rental Load Bank to form ultra-large systems.


Load Type: Resistive
Capacity: 3000KW
Power Factor: 1.0
Voltages: 480v, 600v, 3-phase
Frequency: 50, 60 Hz
Load Steps: Digital load control, 5 kw resolution
Load Connection: Bolt on bus bar and cam-lock style connectors behind hinge-up access door
Load Control: Digital touch-screen, movable via cable tether.
Cooling Airflow: Vertical, Approx 60,000 cfm divided between two cooling fans
Fan/Control Power: Internal, derived from power source under load. Rental Center Configurable: 480v, 600v, 3-phase, 60 Hertz.
Control circuits at 120v via internal isolation transformer. Fan motor load: 2 x 10hp, 13A.
Control power load: 3.0 kva, 6.25A.
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Portability: Fork lift channels, lift eyes, trailer mountable
Dimensions: 96″W x 98″H x 86″D
Networkable: Yes
Outdoor Suitable: Yes