Atlantis-500R Water-Cooled Load Bank Rental

500KW Resistive Water-Cooled Load Bank Rental
The Atlantis-Series is an attractive alternative to air-cooled Load Banks. It is perfectly quiet and cool running; extremely compact and may be installed in otherwise unutilized space. And it is virtually maintenance free. The Atlantis-500 is ideal for data center chiller system commissioning. With its large 4-inch water connections and minimal pressure drop, the Atlantis will accept the high water flows required for limited temperature rise, typically 12.5°F. Multiple Atlantis Load Banks can be networked to form large systems controlled from a single operator interface. In addition, the Atlantis shares the same control architecture with the Simplex Nautilus-250 permitting any number of Atlantis and Nautilus Load Banks to be networked together.


Load Type: Resistive
Capacity: 500KW
Power Factor: 1.0
Voltages: Low voltage to 600V, specify
Frequency: 50, 60, 400 Hz
Load Steps: 50KW resolution standard. 1-5-10-25KW resolution available.
Load Connection: Cam-Type
Load Control: Digital Controller
Coolant: Chiller, city water, closed -loop heat exchanger, natural water (river, lake, etc.)
Cooling: Normal Duty: 10 GPM per 100KW, 62.5°F rise
Minimum Cooling Requirements: 6.25 GPM per 100KW, 100°F rise, outlet not to exceed 170°F
Typical Duty, Chilled Water Systems, 50 GPM per 100KW, 12.5°F rise
Coolant Requirements:
KW = GPM x Temp. Rise (F) x .16, GPM = KW / (Temp. Rise x .16)
Temp. Rise (F) = KW / (GPM x .16)
Particles must be less than 150 microns or a filter is required
Pressure Drop: 5 PSI or less
Control Power: Internal or external source, transformer isolated, 120V
Pressure: 180 PSI test pressure, 50 PSI nominal / operating pressure
Duty Cycle: Continuous
Portability: Casters
Dimensions: 60″W x 76.75″H x 42″D
Networkable: Yes
Outdoor Suitable: No