Load Bank Rental Services

Load Bank Rental Services


Need help selecting equipment for your project? Our sales consultants will work with you to understand your project objectives, technical requirements and site logistics and then translate that job profile into an optimal package of load banks, cables and accessories.


Tell us where your test is located and SOS will ensure that your equipment arrives on-time and ready for operation. For jobs within 40 miles of the nearest SOS Rental and Service Center SOS can directly deliver your equipment. During the job consultation process, your SOS representative will confirm that your job site qualifies for direct delivery, and inform you of any other job factor that that may impact pricing.

For jobs further out, Simplex Onsite maintains working relationships with several major freight carriers and can arrange overland transportation on your behalf. If you already have transportation, SOS will work with your project manager to coordinate staging and pick-up logistics.


If your job requires specific load sequencing, load step resolution or data acquisition capabilities, in many cases Simplex Onsite engineers can custom program the load bank controls to match your needs.

Where precise control and data acquisition are required, our AutoTest load control and data acquisition software system is the right solution. AutoTest provides for multiple load banks to be controlled from one software interface as well as multiple channels of data to be displayed and captured during testing. SOS can pre-program AutoTest to your test specifications. To learn more about AutoTest, click here.


Simplex Onsite will not only deliver your rental equipment to the jobsite, but a certified technician can also un-pack and assemble the equipment to make ready for your test. Our service includes load bank positioning, cable roll-out and cable connection.Once setup is complete, your SOS project technician will train your crew on proper operation and safety.